April Update

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Hello We have a lot of new things added to the server this April.

New Shop
We have a new shop design added to the server. It was built by SmollSushii. If you had a shop in /warp shop. Please move the items into /warp market. If you had a shop that was shop 15 and above, ask an admin for help to move the shop.

We added /sit command. Everyone can use this command to sit on a block.

Dungeon Reset
Dungeon world has been reset. Fly/elytra and rtp (/wild) is disabled. You would have to walk to explore. For the next reset date, do /dungeon.

Chat Games
We added a new chat game plugin to the server! Basically, it’s the same thing as the old chat game but better. You can now do things like block race, fish race, food race.. Those are just few examples. You would have to follow what the instruction said in the chat. For example: Break 3 cobblestones. Once you break 3 cobblestones, you will be rewarded if you’re the first person to do it.

New website
We redesigned our website at https://www.realismtown.com/. Our forums are also reset. We encourage you to create a forums account. All donators will receive the donor tag on the forums.
Not open for further replies.