OP Survival Opening!


Staff member
Hello everyone,
We are so excited to announce that we have another server! The new OP Survival is now open for everyone to join. There are new ranks for both donors and voters. Check out /warp info for more information regarding ranks.

-We added the jobs plugin so everyone can work to get money. /menu and go to the job option to join We added a banker where you can deposit your money in the bank and it’ll increase your money according to the interest that you’ll get. /warp banker to see the banker.
-We also added a MineTinker to the server. It allows you to create tools that have special features added to them. It’s a whole different enchantment system that allows your tools to be better and much more durable. The tools do not break once their durability is close to 0. They become unusable. For more infos, do /warp MineTinker.
-Finally, we added silk touch spawners. MVP+ rank can use a silk touch pickaxe to get a spawner.

What’s new?
-We have custom End and Nether. We also have caves in the overworld where you can find various items such as diamonds, tools etc. We also have quests in the OP server!
-There are many quests for you to complete by doing /menu and go to the “quest” option.
-We add new furniture to the game. The new furniture involves camp chairs, street light, trashcans, etc. We added many unique NPCs to the server where you can interact with to buy items, and get rewards. /warp market to check it out.